Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Car

My first car was a Black 1991 Honda Prelude. The prelude was purchased privately in the summer of 2006 for a mere $2000. Words could not describe my over joy and excitement of finally being an automobile owner. I was now able to go anywhere I wanted, whenever I wanted and take whomever I wanted. Sadly, this excitement ended two days later when the clutch and master cylinder failed: 5 days later and over $900 in repair fees. Not to be discouraged, I was determined to get the car back in to tip top condition, but alas, the mechanical failures over the next 12 months proved to be overwhelming financially (battery failure, alternator failure, front ball joints, A/C failure and a leaky sunroof). In the summer of 2007, I sold the car after only a year of ownership.

Despite the numerous hardships, I still regard the 1991 prelue as the most favorite car that I have owned. It was sporty, smug, fast and handled well, thus this blog will be dedicated to the discussions of the 3rd generation (1988 - 1991) Honda Prelude.